Founder Madam Chancellor , Mrs Annapoorni Shanmughasundaram inaugurated the Bachelor of Dental Surgeons, Dental hygienists and Dental Technicians courses of Vinayaka Missions Sankarachariyar Dental College 2019 on August 7th at 8 45 am .

Principal, Prof Dr J Baby John, Vice Principal Academics , Prof N Mohan, Vice principal, Student Affairs                       Dr Suresh Kumar  and First year Students co ordinator Dr Maya Ramesh were the main co ordinators of the program along with Accounts Officer, Mr Natarajan R and Office staff Ms Sudha Lakshitha.

From 8th to 17th of August Student  Induction program as per UGC was conducted in the college. Each day there was a lecture of an eminent personality followed by Mentoring sessions and Cultural/Arts/ Literary / Games sessions.  Mentors were decided and students were allotted to them before the inauguartion.

Mentor committee co ordinator Dr Sabitha Gokulraj introduced the Mentor committee, and Cultural Committee co ordinator Prof Dr D Jayachandran introduced Student council and Cultural / Sports Committee to the freshers. Prof Dr Yadav Chakravarthy and Prof Dr Arun Kumar introduced Disciplinary committee to boys of the batch . Prof Dr D Vinola introduced important committees of Students , Anti ragging committee, Disciplinary committee and Student Grievance Committee.

There were Lectures by Prof Dr J Sabarinathan, Director(Academics) Eminent Professional , Mr Thanikachalam, A person in Social Service, Dr Isaac Emerson, Alumnus of VMSDC, Dr Vinodhini Kirupakaran, Student Counsellor of VMSDC and Dr Babu ,MD Psychiatry on mobile, nicotine, alcohol and substance abuse.

The students were taken for a city Tour on two days in the afternoon by Dr Karthik and by Mr Thanikachalam. The time table of the Student Induction Program was followed perfectly.

On the sixth day of the Induction program, report and feedback about the program was collected using google form by the Student Induction co ordinator Dr Maya Ramesh.