Orthognathic Surgery - Workshop

Guest Speakers: Dr.Sherry Peter
Dr.Latha Rao

Day – 1 June 21 Friday, 2019

The registration started at 8.15 AM and the participants were given the registration kit and were asked to be seated in their respective places. We had total of 55 participants of which 25 from other states, 5 from Tamil Nadu and 1 from Nepal along with 12 post graduates and 12 faculties from the department of oral & maxillofacial surgery and Orthodontics. The inaugural function started at 9.00 AM with lighting of Kuthuvilakku. Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof Dr.P.K.Sudhir presided over the function. Prof Reena John, Head of the department, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery gave the welcome address. The guest speakers wereDr.Sherry Peter &Dr.Latha Rao, eminent maxillofacial surgeons from Aster Med City, Cochin, Kerala. Our Head of the Institution Dr.Baby John gave the special address. Prof Dr.J.Arunkumar gave the introduction about the guest speakers. The vote of thanks was given by Assoc Prof Dr.K.saravanan. After that, the scientific session started with self-introduction of participants. Dr.Sherry Peter and Dr.Latha Rao started the scientific session with Decision making, Planning and Evaluation of Skeletal Deformity cases.The rotation of maxilla on various aspects and the compensation that happens on mandible were told by the guest speakers. Then video demonstration was given by the guest speakers on le fort I and BSSO osteotomies. After lunch, workshop on cephalometric tracing were done by the participants. The guest speakers went to each working station and interacted with the participants. The workshop was over by 6.30 PM.

Day – 2 June 22, 2019

The session started at 8.30 AM with the implications of maxillary osteotomies on Nose. The modifications of alar cinching with evidence based literature were demonstrated by Dr.Sherry Peter. The face bow transfer and articulation – model surgery were nicely demonstrated by Dr.Latha Rao. Post lunch session was on facial asymmetry by Dr.Latha Rao. Then workshop on skull osteotomies were demonstrated by Dr.Sherry Peter. The hands on skull osteotomies were done by the participants on two sessions. The valedictory function was presided over by ourHead of the Institution Dr.Baby John. The certificates were given to the respective participants by the chief guests. The guest lectures were honored with honorarium. We received strong positive feedback from the participants regarding the venue, the content, and the hands on and the hospitality by our entire faculty. Then the session ended by 6.30 PM.