clinical society meeting

The 6th clinical society meeting was held in founder’s hall on 26th April 2019 from 9.30 am to 10.30 am for all the interns, post graduate students and faculties of VMSDC.Principal Dr.J.Baby John MDS, Vice Principal Academic Affairs Dr.N.Mohan , MDS , and Vice Principal Student AffairsDr.Suresh, MDS , were present
Dr.Vinola ,MDS , CSM Co-ordinator , welcomed the gathering and introduced the speakers of the CSM. Dr.Jayashree Mohan, MDS , Head of the department , Dept of Prosthodontics and crown & bridge welcomed the gathering on behalf of the department.
Dr.Bhuvaneshkumar.D.V , MDS , Senior Lecturer , delivered lecture on “ Failure –Is it an end or an Opportunity to learn” . Dr.Vignesh.V,MDS,Senior Lecturer ,delivered lecture on “ To cement it or to screw in” . Dr.S.Sajida Begum, MDS , Senior Lecturer delivered lecture on “ An update on evolution of dental implants”
            At the end of the meeting Dr.Sasikala.R ,MDS, Senior Lecturer, conducted MCQ session for the interns.
            Certificates distributed to the speakers and MCQ winner.