The Department of Prosthodontics,Vinayaka Mission Sankarachariyar Dental College participated in the free denture camp which was conducted by INDIAN PROSTHODONTIC SOCIETY along with Rotary club of Tanjore, South on December 8th and 9th 2018. A total of 105 patients seeking complete denture rehabilitation reported to the camp.
Ourteam of Prosthodontists under the guidance ofDr.JayashreeMohan,Prof.&HOD,Dept.of Prosthodontics, and , Profressor Dr.Ramesh, reached the venue on 8th December ,accompanied by Senior Lecturer’s Dr.Sasikala,Dr.Sajida,Dr.Vignesh,Dr.Bhuvanesh Kumar along with Post graduate students Dr.Janani , Dr.Rubasree , Dr.Vignesh kumarand Dental Mechanics.
DAY 1: 

  We reached Tanjore early in the morning and the venue for the camp by 7.30a.m. A total of 104patients were divided among five colleges.We were allotted 20 patients . We started with border molding with green stick compound and secondary impression with ZOE / Monophase. Jaw relations were recorded. Wax tryin done by 6pm. Flasking and Dewaxing was done by 10pm. Packing and Bench curing was done by 12pm.

DAY 2:
  Curing was started early by 5am and finished by 7am. Finishing and polishing was done till11am . Then denture insertion was completed around 2pm. All the patients were very much satisfied with the function, retention and esthetics of the dentures. Photographs of the patients were taken followed by felicitation by the rotary club of Tanjore. We departed from tanjore and reached our destination by 2.00 am the following day.