“KIDS FEST 2018” was conducted on November 23rd as a part of “Childrens’ Week”.
Around 160 students from 8 different schools participated in the event. Oral health
education and various competitions was conducted and awards were given to the
winners. As a part of eco initiative 7 saplings were given to the Principal to be
planted in the college premises.
Prof. Dr. J. Baby John, Principal, Prof. Dr. V. Sureshkumar, HOD & Vice Principal,
Pedodontics, Prof. Dr. N. Mohan, HOD & Vice Principal, Oral Medicine, Prof. Dr.
Reena John, HOD & Vice Principal, Oral Surgery, Prof. Dr. Jayashree Mohan, HOD,
Prosthodontics, Dr.D. Vinola, Professor, Dr. M. Kruthika, Senior Lecturer, Dr. B. S.
Nandhini, Senior lecturer, Dr. Dinesh Darshan, Lecturer and team of Post Graduate
Students and interns participated in the program.