CSM-Oral medicine and Radiology


Clinical Society Meeting - Report

Topic : Management of Dental Patients with Systemic diseases.          Date:28-02-2020

Speakers : Dr.Ravi kumar.P.T.


                    Dr.Saramma Mathew Fenn.

Ø The meeting commenced at 9.30 Am and ended at 11.00Am.

Ø The first speaker Dr.Ravikumar  spoke on the Systemic disorders and their clinical implications.

Ø The next speaker Dr.Kumar spoke about the Management of type II diabetic patients in dental clinic.

Ø The third speaker Dr. Saramma Mathew Fenn spoke about the Salivary bio molecules in diagnosis of systemic diseases.  

Ø An interactive quiz was conducted by Dr.Sabitha Gokul raj  and CRI Dr. Priyanka won the prize of this session.

Ø Certificates were presented to the speakers & to the winner of Quiz.

Ø A total of 117 participants comprising of 22 staffs, 25 postgraduates and 70 interns attended the program. Certificate of attendance was given to all participants.

Ø Refreshments were served at the end of program to the participants.

Ø Feedback forms have been sent and responses recorded.